it's Like nothing else


It's a new category of sonic love:
Experimental electro pop with a side of indie rock.
Inspirational lyrics and great melodies.

Night is Electric (NiE) is a 2-piece band birthed out of the heart of the Midwest -- Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL.

Frontman & Vocals -- Chad Van Meter
Bass Guitar -- Jon Hill

Night is Electric is part exotic fare and part solid American cuisine.  They bring heart-felt rock into the expansive world of musical experimentation, yet maintain a compelling & genuine simplicity.  Unlike some earnest endeavors that leave the nuanced complexities of life wanting, NiE dives straight in yet keeps its emotional head above the water.  

The guitars are serious and understated.  The bass is fierce, yet restrained.  The drums permeate with pulse while the vocals ache with longing.  The music flirts with melancholy - laced in a gentle surrender, yet bursts with the sort of hope that reminds each listener that we, at least sometimes, can move together the mountains of powerlessness.  

Life runs deep with these songs, partly comforting partly kicking us out of our nests.  We are invited into a real experience, an accessible & even contagious lightness of being in the midst of serious musicality.  This is rock music through and through, yet without the indulgent extravagances.  This is great songwriting, without the unnecessary singer-songwriter despondency.  This is pop craftsmanship, without the careless flippancy.  This is music we desperately need today, rife with the palatable energy that comes by looking lethargy straight in the eyes and not looking down.

Whether you are a fan of hip hop, pop, alternative, indie, or whatever else, you can find something worth feedng on here: hard-fought lyrical insights; undeniable, head-bopping grooves; & irresistible melodies. Whatever you need, NiE has. Just get in and look for it! 

For Night is Electric's debut project, they worked with several producers:

  • Ivor Novello Award-Winning Producer Cassell the Beatmaker in London
  • US-based producers in New York (Scott Troyer), Nashville (Darren Rayl and Daniel Hoisington), and Chicago (Mark Yoshizumi)

The recording process began in January 2014 and on November 21, 2017, Night is Electric dropped their debut single, "City Without Walls". The much-anticipated debut EP "Outside My Head..." was released online worldwide on March 23, 2018.

NiE's energetic and inspirational songs have drawn a team of creative collaborators armed with hope and passion for creating great art.