it's Like nothing else


Night is Electric is independent and unsigned.

It's a new category of sonic love:
Experimental electro pop with a side of indie rock.
Inspirational lyrics and great melodies.

Night is Electric (NiE) is a 2-piece band birthed out of the heart of the Midwest -- Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL.

Frontman & Vocals -- Chad Van Meter
Bass Guitar -- Jon Hill

Night is Electric brings heart-felt rock into the expansive world of musical experimentation, diving straight into the depths of human experience while keeping its emotional head above the water. Life runs deep with these songs, partly comforting partly kicking us out of our nests.

We are invited into a real experience, an accessible & even contagious lightness of being in the midst of serious musicality.  Whether you are a fan of indie, pop, alternative, R&B, or whatever else, you can find something worth feeding on here: hard-fought lyrical insights; undeniable, head-bopping grooves; & irresistible melodies.

The band began in 2014 with a humble demo recorded in the basement of Chad's home in Fort Wayne, IN. Since then, the new duo has worked with producers around the world.

For Night is Electric's debut project, they worked with:

  • Ivor Novello Award-Winning Producer Cassell the Beatmaker in London

  • US-based producers in NYC (Scott Troyer), Nashville (Darren Rayl and Daniel Hoisington), and Chicago (Mark Yoshizumi)

  • Mixing engineer Lynn Graber

  • Masterers Cody Norris and Shawn Hatfield

Night is Electric’s 2017 debut single, "City Without Walls", was included on the much-anticipated 2018 debut EP "Outside My Head...".

A street date for the second half of Night is Electric’s debut project “…Inside My Heart” has not yet been made public.