The Art of Rhythm (Part 1)

The Art of Rhythm (Part 1)

Ok, once we have learned the art of enjoyment, contemplation, and entrepreneuring, we must learn the art of putting them in their proper places. Which gets our attention and focus at what times? How do we know when to do what?

This is where rhythm is essential. Anyone of the these good things out of proportion becomes a bad thing. Too much entrepreneuring without enjoyment leads to burnout. Too much enjoyment without contemplation leads to excessiveness.

Too much contemplation without entrepreneuring leads to spiritual laziness. These things in proper alignment can do unbelievable good in a person, small group and community. How do we begin to put them in their proper order?

Which comes first in other words? Contemplation. We must start by honing the ability to see and hear. Life is very short. Unfocused goals means distracted work. Most people never make it out of the dock with clarity of vision, the result of contemplation.

Once we begin discovering our vision (it is already in there), we are not invited to navel gaze in the cloistered protection of paved roads and street signs. We are lured off the map, out of our comfort area (that which we know), to a whole new thing.

This transition phase of getting off the map to get on it again is sometimes called entrepreneurism. It is the visionary starting to do something before it is absolutely clear. It can not be that clear. It has not been done (no mater how clear the business plan is).

We go into the woods. We go into the desert. Think of Jesus for a second. He enters the desert at the age of 30. Does he not already know his life’s vision? Does he not already have a strong sense about the direction he should go?

Yes, of course. Then why the desert? He knew, but he didn’t know. True discovery requires a certainty that is not available on the map. It requires that we get free. It requires that we absolutely lose all false senses of self we thought were us.

Only that kind of freedom can prepare us for the ride ahead. Once we are truly freed from the mirages and open to the creative Spirit’s work inside us, great things begin to happen. We begin to hear a Voice we had not heard before.

This Voice begins to teach us about rhythm and patterns. We learn from following within earshot of that Voice. The Voice is luring, comforting, yet exciting and new. Although we are protected the Voice sometimes leads us out of comfort.

The Voice definitely has a bigger agenda than only us. Learning to listen to it is not a burden or a chore, it is actually a privilege and honor. Somehow it doesn’t feel like following. It almost feels like we are partnered with the Voice in a single yoke.

The Voice awakens us to ourselves again and again and again. The call awakens and enlivens us. It brings us back to life literally. It animates us, inspires us, encourages us. We have hope in earshot of the Voice. We are tethered to Life by it.