To Be or Not to Be (Part 3)

There's an absolutely huge responsibility to know and foster the right sort of ideas, primarily because ideas become reality.  We become what we think. Or we create what we sync up.

It's the secret behind Murphy's Law. Once someone imagines that life is picking on them they literally start to create realities that line up with those ideas. And things literally do start to happen to them.

It's almost as if their thoughts go out and seek the kind of things that will vindicate or prove their suspicions.  Their thoughts will quite literally send vibrations into the universe seeking affinities. It becomes sort of a closed circuit of self-fulfilling prophecy.

What most do not realize in that state is that if they are able to change the way they think, realities will line up differently for them.  Our most valuable asset in the true sense of our freedom is found in our thoughts. We really are in charge of what we think about.

As we begin the journey of thinking differently it of course takes time. When we are used to being very passive with our thoughts The active control seem forced and strange. We might at times feel as though we are censoring our creativity.

We are not.  This is the difference between self-loathing and self sabotage. There is a healthy sense of self loathing that might be necessary for the truly creative. It's essentially admitting our lack and our weakness. That leads to clear creativity.

But the unscrutinized acceptance of any and every thought quickly will lead to believing and accepting lies about ourself.  We can get down a road that is full of despair, believing that nothing we do matters and that we essentially do not matter.

What was a healthy sense of limitation and humility, can quickly become an arrogant proclamation of desperate pride. When we start believing lies we start losing the source of our creativity. We slowly atrophy into a state of complete withdrawal. 

The goal of humility is not withdraw. The point of humility is to realize our need for others, and for wisdom. It is not to strand us on an island of despair in isolation. No risk means no life.

We want, no we actually need, risk to survive. We sometimes falsely assume that if could see the future perfectly and could without error manage our investments then we would really get a hold of life.

We would be wrong. That is the beautiful and needful mystery of being human. We are by the very nature extremely limited. Our ancestors knew this much better because of their lack of communication technology.

Today we think we can research our way out of all risk. If we look hard enough we will find everything we need to know about what we're doing. There is simply no way, thankfully, we can remove risk.