To Love What You Do (Part 5)

We have discovered that what you believe infinitely changes your reality. If you believe something is possible, it is. Our accuser lives, as we have also said, to convince us not to believe - to shut us in on ourselves. To render us powerless.

Knowing we are not powerless is not enough. We have to believe it. Believing it takes heart. It takes moving the knowledge part to action, to passion. We realize then that trusting something to be true means believing it, committing to it.

Trusting and believing may be interchangeable. Whoa. It is rather one thing to say we trust something to be true, quite another to actually act believing it. Both are parts of the same faith. It’s the journey from the head to the heart.

Ideally we shorten that distance. We act of our beliefs without hesitation, in freedom and hope. There is simply no doubt about the power one possesses when believing something and acting in that belief. Mountains literally will move.

Of course there are confusing details as we set out on our course. 1001 obstacles come our way. Options at every point spread us thin. Razor-like inner focus quickly gets dispersed into the myriad of details called everyday life.

Some buckle down at this point and recluse into hyper-focus mode. They shut out everyone and everything to ramrod through what they have set out to do. Nothing can stop them. The problem of course is that human beings don’t work so well that way.

Our determination to accomplish our goals can trump the relational needs of those around us. Pretty quickly razor-like focus can be straight-up selfish distraction. We don’t allow ourselves to feel compassion or think about anything else than us.

But if we care we get distracted. It is true. Therein lies the tension of people-focus vs. task-focus. People work is messy. But the reality is no matter what dream you have you need people. You must bring people along with your goals.

Bringing people along with you requires a level of exposure and vulnerability that few are used to. We like to keep our lives separated. Ingrained in us is a little of the Godfather-en doctrine of keeping business and personal very separate.

It would make life much simpler. But when your business is a calling, something very personal to you, that is simply not an option. Thus the exposure level. You are left out to hang in front of the shield a bit. There is no doubt about it: that is scary.

We prepare for the inevitable: people who like or even love us may not like our product. They may give us a bad rating. They may not understand what we are trying to do. When it gets into the public realm people can be extremely harsh.

A public artist today has to be extremely versatile. Grit is a top priority. We will get beat up into our market in some ways. It will take failures to get re-directed into the right place. Everyone has an opinion. Almost everyone is certainly willing to share it.