Can I Do It? (Part 4)

Power.  It is incredibly important.  It is the currency of entrepreneurism.  When we have it (or perceive that we have it), we can move mountains.  When we don’t have it (or perceive we can not), we can hardly move out of our own beds. 

Power is not a “super”-power.  It is not invincibility.  It is not limitlessness.  It is not the ability to do whatever we want.  It is simply the internal permission to try.  It is the mind and the heart giving clearance to the will to make a way. 

That’s the great irony of power.  It is exists independent of circumstance.  It is completely internal.   No one can give it to you, no one can take it away.  Only you are given the authority to your own power.  Only you have the key.

Once realized and once accessed the power allows us opportunity.  We suddenly see things that were right before us in new light.  What seemed like a dead end becomes an open door.  Internal power changes external reality.  Or at least it seems.

Over and over and over again, we are faced with opportunities to express our internal power.  Will we do it?  Will we act in light of the new external?  Will we live through ourselves?  Will we pursue based on a sense of conviction?

This is different than merely willing something.  Willing something into being is great.  But so many times it is done not out of power but fear (and even a fear of losing power).  Besides gifts do not come to fruition by coercion and force. 

They are cultivated.  They grow at their pace, not ours.  We must be diligent, yes!  We must walk in them.  We must see to it that they are given the opportunity to blossom.  We do not force the pedals to unfold.  They must do it themselves. 

That can be perceived as a lack of power: “We can’t make things grow.”  It is not.  It is understanding how our power is not the only power.  Our power can be channeled with and through other powers.  Life ultimately is the only power after all.  

And that power has a destiny.  Within that destiny we can feel a sense of path or purpose.  There is a Way in front of us, where the road seems to open for us.  Circumstances fall into place.  We are given amazing opportunities. 

That is what power brings us again and again: opportunities.  Things we couldn’t see, or didn’t see, or hadn’t seen, are suddenly opened up to us.  A path is made.  A walkway is made level, and we can start moving in the direction of our hearts.

Visionaries are not exceptional people.  They are not uniquely or abundantly gifted.  They are simply aware.  In their self-awareness they are given a sense of power.  And in that power they are given a keen ability to see, or vision.

The thing is there before they see it.  It has been there.  But the one with vision can actually see it, or begin to see it before someone else.  It is revealed to them when they are sighted from without.  Insight becomes foresight.