Can I Do It? (Part 8)

Finally the issue of doing “it” has to rest solely at the feet of eternity.  Whether by divine presence or by the unbiased passing of time, we are all judged.  Our “works” (or “its”) in this world will be judged, brought to light, examined. 

Do they pass the test of time?  Are they regarded as useful?  Does our story inspire future generations?  Or, is our desire to leave a legacy actually part of the problem?  Can we write the script for our examiners?  What is ours to manage?

One concerned only about leaving the best legacy will forget the harrowing reality of his or her own limitations.  We can’t write whatever story we want.  We have to write our story.  We have to live our life.  We have to be in our context. 

The goal of our “it” is not to live the most outstanding life, or to have the most inspiring story.  It is simply to discover our story, our life, our calling.  We will not be held responsible for someone else’s life.  Start living that way.    

Live with the conviction that your life matters.  We have been and will be beaten and prodded into becoming who everyone else wants us to become.  There are many holes to be filled.  We can potentially fill them.  That does not mean we should.

Only we can know this inner life that drives us.  And certainly not everyone has as strong a sense of identity, urgency and calling.  Many are happy to fill holes.  They have a different life to live.  Good for them.  Don’t compare or be jealous.

Your life will be strange.  Oh well.  Maybe complicated.  Don’t apologize for what you want.  Self-interest is not a bad thing, nor the enemy.  Your dreams deeply embedded are there for a reason.  Listen to your life.  And listen to reality.  

Have goals, heed vision.  Do only what YOU can.  Do the next right thing.  Leave room for life to make way.  Sooner or later you will experience the turn of history, the thrill of momentum, the favor of the divine.  You really can get there. 

It may cost everything you have.  But then what do you have without having “it?”  Isn’t that the whole point?  Without “it” you really have no life.  “It” is what gives our life meaning and purpose.  “It” was given to us for a particular reason.

To shy away, ignore, neglect, pretend, etc will not remove the burden or calling toward “it.”  Nothing can remove it since it is planted in there before birth, indeed even before time.  “It” has been there it could be argued from the very beginning.

So we go in the way of our dreams, in order to be faithful, in order to be careful, in order to be kind.  We do “it” not for our own sake, not simply for our fulfillment, we do “it” for the sake of all, for the gift is not for us alone but for the community.

We do “it” ultimately because “it” is somehow wrapped intrinsically into us.  “It” is part of us.  “It” is inseparable from us.  “it” is part of us.  That’s what makes “it” so special.  “It” is us incarnate, given and shed for the whole world, poured out as an offering.