Can I Do It? (Part 7)

Can I Do It? (Part 7)

Finally, there is the question of what is “it” for?  What will our “it” accomplish?  What story will it tell?  How will it inspire future generations?  How will it ultimately remind people that there is more to life?  How will it work?

Of course the artisans of the world may not bother themselves with such questions.  They may be so focused on their skills that such deliberations are a distraction.  They are doers.  Engineers, not necessarily producers. 

But there are those who possess the ability to see a new reality before anyone else.  Some have the skills needed to bring that vision to life themselves.  Others require the help and collaboration of others.  True visionaries find a way.

They turn their heavenly or invisible reality into a physical one.  But do be sure it starts inside them.  In this sense, they join the very song of creation, where the Poet perfectly draws one letter in front of the other in perfect, magical harmony.