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From Inspiration to Inspired Work: The Journey to Launching (Part 1)

Eventually the creative work is done. The “work” begins. Some artists completely check out at this point. But if we hang in just a bit longer we will see the overwhelming amount of support workers in any one given creative industry.

Somewhere there is a very developed creative market dedicated to what you do. Chances are it is quite saturated. In the places with the most established networks the less the chance of having success. Simple economics. Too much supply.

But, what we eventually see is that those with the connections are definitely NOT those with the most talent. They are simply those with the most tenacious support team and with the most developed business tenacity. They will themselves into it.

In lesser developed markets there are clearly more opportunities to stand out (less supply), but obviously there is less demand as well. One ends up also essentially trying to create the market (the demand) locally. Or does the internet equalize all that?

(written at Punta Gorda airport on 12.5)

Is there a way around the traditional limitations of a localized market? Are there ways to make waves on a global scale without actually traveling to those places? Of course the answer in today’s world is yes, certainly. That’s what the internet does.

But how do we get the desire to or interest in connecting online without a physical relationship? That may sound like a marketing question and probably is. But in today’s world it is one that very much to the interests of the artist.

While the internet may seem like a global playground at first, sooner or later the reality of an absolutely over-saturated market will take effect. Distribution problems may be thwarted now but there is still the huge black whole of gathering attention.

Thinking about such things can make some artists very nervous. Some start to revert to shock tactics. What can I do to get attention? Like a toddler soon realizes, attention goes to those who cry the loudest. Is today’s marketing about crying the loudest?

Or is there still something transcendent about content and class, about taking the high road? Do the stars naturally (or eventually) align for those who have character and who care about the right things? Or does pop culture not even care?

It will seem like thugs and celebrity-addicted people dominate the popular landscape. It will seem like there is no room for someone with a modest outlook who is not willing to live a life out of balance. But there are always exceptions. Always.

For every five fly by night short-lived pop stars there are those that consistently do their thing, against the grain of what may seem like inevitable push. The market may seem pre-determined by the those who rule the empire with lock and key.

But there is only One who rules the empires. There is only One set of moon and stars. No matter how powerful, hostile, or negligent people may seem they do not determine anything for us. Our fate is not sealed by the hands of humans.