The Space Between (Part 5)

Ultimately the space between us can directly be related to death. Think of it. What would change if time were no longer a hinderance? What do we avoid because our time (and ensuing energy) is limited? Why is it limited?

All limitations ultimately hover around our impending death. Knowing that we are mere mortals and have a finish line sets everything else back. We are forced to prioritize our precious little time very carefully, often saying no to many good things.

We simply don’t have the time and energy to keep up certain relationships, even ones we really want to keep up. The demands of survival are fierce. Our time again is limited. Thus we are coerced into saying no to many things we enjoy.

Many times we say no to important things. Of course they are not urgent. They are relegated to the back-burner as nature’s demands increase. Time becomes are enemy, a stark reminder of our impending mortality and limited ability.

Time is partly there for that reason. It pushes us to constantly remember the frailty of life and the delicate beauty of the moments we have. Being unaware of our mortality we quickly and easily take for granted what is right before us. Lord, help us to see it. Help us to see this beautiful light. Within ourselves and our limited capacity is enough. We have everything we need right here. If we don’t have it we don’t need it. If we really need it we will get it.

Or we will go out trying. That really is the end. Trying. We tend to think of results and that affect of what we are doing. Leaving a legacy sounds like a good desire but often it can be fueled by ego. We ultimately are not in charge of writing our legacy.

No matter what we have accomplished in the end we can not take it with us. We leave it on the table. The stuff will become an “empire of dirt,” but those things done in and for the invisible kingdom of love will live on, the only legacy worth leaving.

We are pushing against our own mortality and the immediate needs of survival around us. Getting a clear report that earth has only 3 weeks before getting hit by a meteor would be so helpful in terms of removing all excuses from doing what we need.

Think of all we don’t do for fear of burning bridges or because we know we have mouths to feed. And when we find fairly good employment that provides steady income it makes it even more hard to imagine going rogue and taking chances.

“What if we don’t find something? What if we find something far worse and it is too late to go back?” We are not quitters right? We don’t just leave because something is getting hard, or boring, or whatever. And we certainly don’t leave without a plan.

Right? What if the plan won’t become clear until we leave the security of what we already have? What if we have to jump into the furnace of trust to get a hold of our next step? What if the moon will be our guide, not the sun? What if?