The Gift of Sadness (Part 8)

So there it is, the hard cold truth may not actually be the hard cold truth. Not that we get to dictate truth, but we certainly have the freedom with which to apprehend it. And to do so in our own unique way.

Life is the mystery of learning everything we do not know. With that knowledge we have the choice to trust in the universe or the one who holds the universe or to believe there is nothing at all out there.

That choice will always be ours. In the end one's beliefs cannot be pitted against another. We simply must choose for ourselves. And face the consequences. That is a great existential responsibility.

We will be left alone some day with our decision. No one else can be blamed. No one else can mock. But, be sure that we will have to own our decisions made in the freedom of being human.

We have this entwined reality that somehow we are both totally responsible for our loved and yet totally in submission about how to use them. If we truly discover them they're not really ours to begin with.

When the apostle says "my life is not my own "he is not making a metaphor. He is stating a fact. The life that is truly life is one that is beyond our realm of understanding and therefore responsibility.

And yet, we are not given leave of this responsibility to steward or manage or protect the gifts that of been bestowed within us. In fact, if anything the stakes are higher knowing that there are things in us we did not put there.

These things clearly have a purpose beyond us. And yet our purpose is uniquely intrinsic to our realization of these gifts. And to realize that we must find them, and use them. And they are often so natural that we can hardly take credit for or see them.

Spend your Friday nights in, taking assessment an inventory of your life. What better use of your time is there then to understand and realize your gifts. Yet how little we dedicate to discovering them.

We wouldn't dare tell her friends that we are busy discovering ourselves and our gifts. Yet that is exactly what we should be doing. Imagine how powerful and self differentiating it would be to stand for such.

Imagine that we actually made that process our priority. That we decided that we would not waste anymore time on trivialities, on things designed to escape reality and waste our time. For such things there is no humor.

Our precious little time on earth is completely ours. We can do as we wish. And yet, we are held accountable for the use of that time. There is no escaping the weight of our own glory. Don't run. Accept it. Let it wash you.