To Be or Not to Be (Part 1)

Whether we live, or whether we die.... One is not necessarily better than the other. There are those who fulfill their calling by negation, by what they give up. Then there are those who do so by what they embrace.

The entrepreneur of course is one who embraces a vision, who with great passion decidedly moves toward that vision, and making it happen. In such a strong pursuit it is very easy for  their identity to be wrapped entirely around the venture.

The problem is, the matter how passionately we are committed to our work, it cannot define us. It would be simpler, to some degree, if it could. But our work alone is not enough to grasp the mystery of human "being."

Those well aware of this from the beginning Will generally choose the way of negation. Knowing the limitations of work they will instead tie their identity to what they lack, what they deliberately choose to lack.

It's far less messy to not try. And it is much cleaner to define ourselves by what we deny or reject. As the saying goes, "certainty is the luxury of those on the sideline." Literally we must remain on the sideline if certainty is our goal.

However, if we are willing to risk failure, if we are willing to give up being understood, if we are willing to let go of what we think we know we will start to learn there is something far better than certainty. There is something far more pure then that's sort of proud knowledge.

We try. Because only when we try do we get to the good stuff of life. Being right is not as important as what we thought. Having convictions? Yes. Having a moral compass? Yes. But there is much, much more than that.

The right is just beginning when we hit the bottom. Whether through failed attempts or pushing on something that can't be pushed, that frailty we find there is the seedlings for the future we can only dream of at best.

So if we are willing to get in, we can. The door is always open. It is true. Though at times we will certainly feel left out of life, it is simply not true. But we at times will certainly have to fight to get back in.

How we get out of the flow of life is a mystery. From a little random things to major events, there are things that come up that we simply cannot control. Internally we will also feel like we cannot control.

This is not necessarily true. We do have the sovereignty of our thoughts. Random thoughts will come in, but what happens to those thoughts is up to us and there will to direct them. We must always be mindful and aware.

Like the cold winter wind blowing with spontaneous power we must remain and respond. We cannot control the wind. We cannot control the wind. We can control our thoughts. Here we must discover a great deal more.